Two new awards from AV-Test for Bitdefender

The new awards were announced 1 in February of 2017 and concern two different products . The well-known AV Test Institute has awarded the "Best Performance for 2016" award and the "Best Security Application for Android for 2016" award for the two Vitdefender products.

For corporate users, the award was won by Vitdefender Endpoint Security, while for the best Android security product the award went to Vitdefender Mobile Security.AV-Test for Bitdefender

The security application Bitdefender Mobile Security managed to achieve the maximum score with 13 points in each during period.

The Android app out of it got a top rating in the malware σε πραγματικό χρόνο καθώς και κορυφαία αποτελέσματα στην ανίχνευση malware που ήταν άγνωστα, περιέχει και ένα ευρύ φάσμα από χρήσιμες λειτουργίες, όπως γονικό έλεγχο, και διάφορους μηχανισμούς ασφαλείας σε περίπτωση που η συσκευή χαθεί ή κλαπεί.

BitDefender Endpoint Security, on the other hand, demonstrated in all 2016 certification tests that it can protect every company by using minimal system resources.

The six tests that took place within 2016 were completed with excellent results in Vitdefender's performance and protection. In the context of the daily management routine, test systems were not slowed down by Endpoint Security, and the product was able to achieve remarkable results in both performance and usability testing classes.

So the company seems to be starting 2017 with the best recommendations and will surely have every reason to take pride in it.


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