Microsoft Bing has correctly predicted 20 from 24 Oscars

The service algorithm was successful Bing Prediction Engine of the US giant software


Bing Prediction Engine, a Microsoft service that had correctly predicted the World Cup winner and the results in the British football championship, was rightly guessing 20 from the 24 Oscars that were awarded on Sunday night. The only winners not predicted by Microsoft's algorithms were the original script, animation, music, and editing categories.
He keeps his secrets

Chief of the Bing Prediction Engine, which is not available in Greece, is the economist David Rootswill, based in Microsoft's research laboratory in New York. 2012 became famous when it successfully predicted US election results in 50 states in the US.

Rothschild does not reveal details of the algorithms in his post for the Oscars at Microsoft's TechnetBlog. He says, however, that he has taken seriously the criticism of the public to exclude films such as the Selma from the lists of candidates. These loud absences are important to predict the winners because they "change the distribution of votes for the other nominees," he says. It also notes that the forecasts can not be based on public opinion, "As the feelings and aspirations of the general public are closely linked to popularity and popularity" of the candidates.

Forecast markets

Rothschild, however, has taken into account the "forecast markets", which "follow a select group of people who have top-level information on what voters will do and are willing to bet money on results." You can see more Roetsaid predictions on his website, which offers prognostics for a variety of political, sporting and cultural themes. In last year's Oscars, the Bing Prediction Engine correctly predicted 21 from the 24 winners.


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