Breaking the encryption of 4K Blu-Ray DVDs?

Someone may have broken a form of encryption of DVDs that until now everyone thought they were unbroken. This might mean that it will soon be possible to download 4K Blu-Ray movies via bittorrent.

According to TorrentFreak, a supposed, broken copy of The Smurfs 2, appeared in the HD Bit Torrent UltraHDClub community. At present we do not know more details.DVD

4K Blu-ray movies on DVDs are protected with Advanced Content Content System (AACS) 2.0, a non-broken encryption. And we say it has not been broken yet, but it is not true if you think that until now anyone who wanted to distribute a Blu-Ray 4K copied it through the screen, resulting in loss of quality.

Let's say if a 4K Blu-Ray DVD protection breakage method has really been found, it would be a big problem for film distributors using AACS encryption. According to the AACS website, Disney, Sony, and Warner Bros. use encryption.

If true, you may soon be able to access high-definition pirate content, although the file size will be huge (Smurfs 2 is 53 GB).

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