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Η Αρχή Διασφάλισης Απορρήτου των Επικοινωνιών (ΑΔΑΕ) διέθεσε στοιχεία για το πώς εκτινάχθηκαν οι “νόμιμες” παρακολουθήσεις τα τελευταία χρόνια. Η ΑΔΑΕ στην έκθεση πεπραγμένων αναφέρει ότι είχε περίπου 41.000 εισαγγελικές διατάξεις που αφορούσαν άρσεις απορρήτου για λόγους εθνικής ασφάλειας από το 2019 ως το 2021.


Specifically, in the 2021 activity report, it states that it had 15.475 prosecutorial orders regarding the removal of confidentiality for reasons of national security, compared to 13.751 in 2020 and 11.680 in 2019.

The Communications Privacy Authority also says the government's decision to ban disclosure of the surveillance on national security grounds is inconsistent with the European Convention on Human Rights.

Meanwhile, the new bill states that the Director of the EYP will decide what is malicious software and what is not, and does not restore the provision of the Anti-Corruption Commission on the citizen's right to know the reasons for his surveillance.

ADAE, however, with a press release released today, announces its absence from the new bill. Read the press release below:

Yesterday, 15.11.2022, the bill was posted for public consultation, which concerns the removal of the privacy of communications, the ban on malicious software, the strengthening of cyber security, etc.

This bill drastically changes the regulatory framework that has been in place for almost 30 years regarding the lifting of the confidentiality of communications and modifies the operation of the National Security Agency in many critical areas.

Despite the capital importance of the content of the bill, despite the fact that the Constitution itself provides in Article 19 §2 as a guarantee to ensure the privacy of communications (a fundamental right absolutely inviolable in the wording of the constitutional text) the GDPR and, finally, despite what happened in the last months, the Authority was never properly informed, nor was it requested in an institutionally necessary way to formulate its opinion, so that this institutional bill is the result of a sober and scientific dialogue, for the benefit of the right.

ADAE expresses its surprise and its institutional displeasure at this institutional omission. Despite this and within the suffocating time frame of the procedure to be followed before the Hellenic Parliament, the Authority, ignoring the need to protect the right, will formulate its opinion on the provisions of the bill in the next few days.

From the plenary session The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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