Adobe Color: Find free matching color combinations

Adobe Color is a free web application that will give you a palette with all the matching colors of a photo of your choice.

adobe color

Color theory can be difficult. Even if you understand basic complementary colors, discovering triplets, shades and matching colors is not easy. Just log in from your browser to and see a complete analysis of color harmony.

Adobe's free web application promises to find you the perfect color scheme. Either upload an image to understand its main colors, or just choose a color yourself. Adobe Color will then find complementary, composite, analog, monochrome or triad shapes based on it.

Move the "hands" of the color wheel with your mouse (click-and-drag) and the entire color scheme is updated immediately. You have hexagonal colors at the bottom as well as RGB proportions. And if you're stuck with inspiration, click on "EXPLORE" to see some recent themes selected by other users.

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And the icing on the cake is a play on colors. Click on "Color Game" (top right) to play a color-based memory game.

The website speaks 18 languages ​​but not Greek. It will automatically direct you to English.

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