Remove AMD Driver from Windows Update due to BSOD

Have you recently noticed problems with Windows 10 installed on an AMD CPU? You are not alone.

A recent AMD driver update caused some stability issues on Windows 10 PCs and it seems that Microsoft has been able to fix it.

After installing the AMD driver some people started reporting problems like in the Windows 10 subreddit, by u / Tjuren_sew “(AMD Systems) Windows update installs SCSI driver and makes SSD unavailable = BSOD no boot device."

The user reported that Windows Update downloaded an AMD driver and "acquired" a Bluescreen of Death (BSOD) at startup. After three BSOD boot, Windows 10 auto-repair saved the system using a previous restore point.

A Windows 10 engineer went to the thread and reported that Microsoft withdrew the update. So if you use AMD, you can now safely update your operating system without BSOD.

AMD is in constant competition with Intel, and now its processors have become synonymous with gaming.

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