Play 10 popular Google Doodle games

Google often displays Doodle on the main search page. Occasionally, these doodles are games that you can play. All of these games are archived and you can play them later, even if they are not on the search homepage.

These simple, online games are ideal for spending time without having to download anything. Below you will find 10 of them.

How to play: Follow the link to open the game

1: Baseball

There have been several doodle sports games, but Baseball released on July 4, 2019 is tearing.

2: Pac-Man

Everyone knows Pac-Man. It's a classic game and the Doodle version is just as fun.

3: Quick, Draw!

Fast painting! was so popular that it got its own website. You have 20 seconds to design something and then Google tries to guess what it is.

4: The Scoville Game

In Scoville Game you try to learn from spicy peppers with ice cream. Learn about the Scoville scale in the process.

5: Basketball

Another classic sports game. How many shots can you take in 24 seconds?

6: Halloween

In the fun game from Halloween 2016 you try to defeat ghosts.

7: Garden Gnome

The object of the Garden Gnome game is to throw a dwarf as far as you can with a catapult.

8: Coding Rabbit

Coding Rabbit is a great game to teach your kids coding. The goal is to use basic coding concepts to help a rabbit catch carrots.

9: Cricket

Play Cricket with Cricket! Just like baseball, this is extremely addictive.

10: Rubik's Cube

Finally, there is the classic Rubik's cube. Try your luck. Have fun!



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