End Blur: AGON the fastest display gaming with 240 Hz refresh

Η AOC introduces the new one premium screen AGON AG251FZ, the fastest display with TN panel. The new 25 screen "is targeted at leading Gamers and to their lovers Esports, has a renewal rate of 240 Hz and a response time of just 1 ms, not only guaranteeing impressive and natural movements in its fast environment Gaming, but also a smooth game without blur in the image. OR AGON AG251FZ offers the smoothest graphics and features Adaptive Sync to manage screen and computer coordination that eliminates any flicker and tear of the image.

Η AGON AG251FZ of AOC - the fastest display of the new line AGON - will be available on the market in January of 2017 with a proposed retail price of 499 €.

Advanced technology for comfortable Gaming

The series of screens AGON confirms its objective AOC to offer the best possible hardware and this is shown in every detail. For comfortable posture, the ergonomic base Ergo Dial offers users a variety of ways to perfectly adjust the screen, such as height adjustment, with a special gradient to achieve the preferred position as well as adjusting the inclination, rotation or switching from function landscape in operation portrait.

In addition, the base is accompanied by a handle, making it easy to move the screen as in LAN parties, for example. In the long hours Gaming sessions, users' eyes are protected by advanced technologies: technology Flicker-free reduces the unpleasant flicker to the minimum and the operation low Blue Light reduces harmful blue light while guaranteeing that the minimum amount of blue light is emitted for the exact reproduction of the colors. At 240 refresh rate Hz, every image played on the screen AG251FZ it's crystal clear - no matter how fast and intense the action on the screen is.agon-25in-frontback-logo

Continuous improvement yields

Η AG251FZ designed to meet their high expectations Gamers for one high-end screen that offers the most exciting experience. This 25 screen "consists of a series of unique ones Gaming features such as function low Input Team, which confirms that all commands are running at once Shadow Control, which illuminates the darkest areas without affecting the rest of the screen.

In addition, the QuickSwitch keyboard allows players to quickly switch between predefined functions, tailored to their requirements FPS, racing or RTS games. With all the above features Gamers they can look forward to a riveting unprecedented experience.

Screen Features AG251FZ

Monhell AG251FZ
Othalone 25 "TN at 240 Hz
Ifchain 1920 × 1080
Technology Sync Adaptive Sync
(compatibleή with FreeSync)
Entrances Signal 1 x VGA

1 x DVI

1 x HDMI 2.0

1 x DisplayPort 1.2a

4 3.0 x USB
Audio out / in

Micrspeakerphone in / out


Ergonomic height adjustable base


1 ms GtG response time

Availability in Europe Jan.aria 2017
Suggested retail price 499€

More details about the screen AOC AGON AG251FZ you will find here:

http: //aoc-europe.com/en/Products/ag251fz

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