Amazon has announced 2 new cloud storage packages

Amazon Cloud Drive is a service for storing and synchronizing files. Amazon he said today the launch of two new packages suitable for all cloud

The 1st "Unlimited Photos" package gives you 5 Gigabytes of total storage to store any kind of files and unlimited photo storage in Cloud Drive at a cost of $ 11.99 per year. This package is the same as the one that Amazon Prime members have.

The 2nd package "Unlimited Everything" on the other hand provides you with unlimited storage space for any type of file at a cost of $ 59.99 per year.

Amazon is not the only company that offers unlimited storage space. OR Microsoft for example, offers Office 365 subscribers unlimited space in OneDrive along with their subscription.

Both Amazon packages are the only ones on the market that offer three months of free trial for those who want to test them first and then pay for them.

In general, Amazon's offer is interesting, but compare it with the corresponding offers of the other major competitors, with Dropbox, Microsoft and Google.

Microsoft OneDrive
It offers 15 Gigabyte free storage, and can reach up to unlimited space if you get an Office 365 package for $ 69.99 per year when you buy a Microsoft PC license directly from Microsoft. There are also discount options on reseller sites. On the Amazon website for example, you can buy it Microsoft Office 365 Personal for $ 89.98 which is licensed to 5 users and whose retail costs $ 99.99.

Google Drive
Η Google does not offer unlimited space yet. Users have 15 Gigabytes of free storage along with their subscription, up to 30 Terabytes. The pack of one Terabyte is available for $ 9.99 per month or if you want for $ 119.88 per year.

Its users dropbox have 2 Gigabyte free storage. A Pro account gives you extra capabilities and increases the storage space at 1 Terabyte for $ 9.99 per month or $ 119.88 per year.

If you now calculate the rental price of Gigabyte you will see that Amazon's new Unlimited Everything program costs less Gigabyte than its competitors.

Although the cost is the most important factor in choosing a company, there are other details that you need to consider unless you end up in your market. For example, what additional features are attached to each package, what devices work together, and how good and fast is the sync with the customer's machine?

The biggest issue at this time is how Cloud works Amazon, at least for desktop machines. The only option you have to sync your files with the cloud is to put the folders on the interface. This feature is difficult to use in relation to the "root folder" logic used by most other cloud storage services.

In addition, it lacks read programs for many types of files. For example, you can not read your documents online, let alone edit them.

Of course, the above may not be a problem and it depends on everyone wanting to use their storage space. If you're just interested in moving tons of files to the cloud then this solution is pretty good for you.

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Finally, the fact that in the cloud game at the moment there are 4 big companies competing with each other, this is hopeful for the final consumer, because the "war" of prices and facilities is only for our benefit.

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