Ami Citroën: A tiny two-seater

Citroën brings a new electric vehicle that is very small or if you want it is a closed scooter. It is called "To me”, Is two-seater and does not require a car license.


The Citroën Ami is for urban use only and is so small, it does not even require a car license. According to the company if you live in France and are at least 14 years old you can drive it. For the rest of Europe, Citroën says you should be 16 years old on average. For Greece we do not know what legal framework will cover it, if any.

The car industry seems to have based it on To me One Concept presented in 2019 with some changes in its final design.

It has a 5.5kWh battery under the floor that can travel 70 kilometers on a single charge. You can simply plug the EV into any standard 220v socket and wait three hours to charge the battery. Its maximum speed is 45 km / h. Obviously it can not do the tricks of the movie Fast and Furious and does not have a wide variety of versions, but the To me designed for driving in cities and narrow streets.

Citroën has several purchase options to choose from if you are interested. You can pay € 20 per month for a two-year long-term lease, but first make an initial payment of € 2.644. If you want it 100% yours you can buy it for € 6.000.

In case you want to try it out before you buy, you will be able to rent one from the Free2Move car rental service in Europe for € 0,26 (29 minutes) per minute. Citroën will start taking orders for To me on March 30 in France, followed by Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal and Germany, a few months later. The first deliveries are expected to reach French buyers in June.

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