Millions of Android users downloaded an adware game

The Durak Card Game application, developed by the "company" Pocket Games Ltd, has been downloaded from the Google Play Store about 10 million times, according to Google. After many complaints from users, security analyst Filip Chytry, Avast, began looking for the application and discovered that it has been developed in such a way as to serve strange advertisementsadware) in places unusual. aggressive Android adware

The software waits for 30 days before the launch of aggressive spam with ads, the researcher says. This makes it impossible to link the application installation to that behavior.

"Every time you unlock your device, an ad will appear. It will warn you of a problem, e.g. that your device is infected, for an adult dating site or even porn. "This, of course, is a lie," Chytry told a post on the Avast blog.

"Then he will ask you to do something. But if you agree it will direct you to fake pages, which contain applications that try to send an SMS message behind your back or to applications that collect your data. ”

Of course, very worrying is that the application is widely used. In less than three months, 10 has descended millions of times. Avast claims there are other applications, such as an IQ tester, which also serve ads.

Google has already removed the malicious app from the Play Store.


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