Android factory reset does not delete the data

The possibility Android factory reset has been found to be ineffective in completely erasing user data and factory reset

A research paper entitled “ Analysis of Android Factory Resets"(PDF) by researchers at Cambridge University revealed some very interesting information about privacy on Android devices.

The factory reset feature, which is supposed to be the last step before selling an old device, was found to fail in the 21 test conducted by researchers from five different manufacturers.

The devices used for the research were rather old and ran versions of Android under the 4.4, αλλά οι ερευνητές είναι βέβαιοι ότι τα θέματα that they discovered are still present in newer versions of the operating system.

According to the research work, the devices checked after the reset kept data of SMS, e-mails, contacts, authorized accounts and information from various applications such as and WhatsApp.

By digging deeper, the researchers were able to retrieve Google's master token used to authenticate applications such as calendar and device contacts.

Researchers report that the drivers required to completely erase the device's data may not have been installed by manufacturers who tend to customize only the operating system (s) required by them, implying that it is not just a problem of Google.

Researchers suggest users who want to get rid of old data to encrypt them before using factory reset. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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