What is Kaspersky's job with the Antarctic Biennale?

The Antarctic Biennale is a work started by the artist, sailor, and philosopher Alexander Ponomarev, who has made several missions to Antarctica. Ponomarev has organized over 100 works of art, exhibitions and events. The Antarctic Biennale aims to create an intercultural and interdisciplinary platform for effective performance and communication in areas with limited resources, as well as social and physical constraints - points at the borders of humanity.

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Ο Eugene Kaspersky, President and Chief Executive Officer Kaspersky Lab, will take part in the first Antarctic Biennale - a creative journey that brings together artists, scientists and technology visionaries from around the world to explore and create a global cultural future for Antarctica.

Η Kaspersky Lab actively supports the Antarctic Biennale project, which will transfer participants to an 12 day campaign from Argentina to Antarctica and back. Each member of the mission will be an eyewitness and a contributor to the process of creating art.

The artistic mission under the auspices of UNESCO will begin on March 16, 2017 from Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, where participants will board the research ship "Akademik Ioffe". During arrivals in various parts of Antarctica, artists will temporarily install works of art, or perform. Mobility, proportionality to space, ecological compatibility, artistic expressiveness and conceptual sharpness will be the themes of these works of art. All the facilities that will be created during the campaign will be dismantled and placed back on board, to continue their "life" in top museums and art centers of the world.

"Antarctica is the last truly free space and model for the future. In addition, according to the Antarctic Treaty (1959) and the relevant international agreements, the continent is destined exclusively for creative activities and scientific research in the interest of all mankind, "says Alexander Ponomarev, project manager, artist, sailor, and philosopher. And he continued, "Antarctica is the continent that can encourage people to think about the future of humanity and culture, providing an opportunity for creating new ways of perceiving life on the planet."

Among the artists involved in the Antarctic Biennale are Tomas Saraceno, Zhang Enli, Lara Favaretto, Matthew Ritchie and Hani Rashid.

Alexander Ponomarev believes this trip will be "A revolution that changes the course of things" because it is "a unique socio-cultural phenomenon". He comments:

"Instead of the usual national pavilions, we will face the icy and inaccessible Antarctic continent. Instead of pompous apartments, we will live in ascetic cabins. "Instead of chaotic creative wanderings, we will experience a combination of wonderful nature and an explosion of consciousness through dialogue with scientists, futurists and visionaries of technology."

Commenting on his upcoming Antarctic trip to the Antarctic Biennale, Eugene Kaspersky, Kaspersky Lab's President and Chief Executive Officer, said:

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"We have supported missions in Antarctica in the past, but this will be for us the biggest project on the continent. I think it will be an exciting project and I decided to support it when I saw the genuine passion of the organizers. Antarctica is unlike any other part of the world. It is a common continent without borders, which is so beautiful and fragile in its almost uninhabitable desert. I have already visited it, and I think it is a place that provides plenty of inspiration for artistic research and expression. I'm really excited about participating in the campaign, and I look forward to all the art it will produce. ”

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