Antivirus: can they protect Windows 11 from ransomware?

Μια πολύ καλή ερώτηση για πάρα πολλούς χρήστες των Windows: Μπορεί το λογισμικό προστασίας που χρησιμοποιούν να προστατεύσει πραγματικά τα Windows 11 από το ransomware που κυκλοφορεί;

Η AV-TEST GmbH προσπάθησε να απαντήσει στο ερώτημα και πραγματοποίησε δοκιμές σε μια σειρά από γνωστά δείγματα ransomware σε συστήματα Windows 11 που προστατευόταν από διαφορετικά antivirus. hacker black green

Generally the answer is yes, at least for Windows 10 – although the question is what happens to ransomware that is not yet known? Security companies advertise that they can detect behavior that points to malware even if it is unknown.

However, the first question raises the following questions:

What really happens during a ransomware attack?
If the ransomware is stopped, will the malicious processes also be stopped or will some items remain on the system?

AV-TEST used 10 different scenarios to evaluate the ransomware currently circulating on the internet and the SysWhispers, Reflective DLL Injection and Reflective DLL Loading attack techniques.

It planted malware on Windows 11 systems that were protected by security software for business and home users.

Every single step of the attack was analyzed and documented. This way he was able to present a detailed picture of each attack and show how the security software reacts.

The enterprise applications that took part in the tests were from the companies:

Bitdefender (2 versions home and business),
Check Point,
Kaspersky (2 versions home and business),

AV-TEST reports that tests have shown that many security applications for home users and businesses can resist actively used attack techniques as well as the latest ransomware in Windows 11.

The situation is somewhat more favorable in business applications than in products for home users. In the latter category, only three products from the companies Kaspersky, Microsoft and PC Matic scored all 30 points (higher rating) in the protection rating.

In the case of products for enterprise users, a total of 9 of the 13 security solutions evaluated managed to catch all 30 points in the protection score: Acronis, Check Point, Xcitium, Kaspersky (both versions), Microsoft, Symantec, Trellix and VMware.

You can read the results and see detailed graphics in the article Test and Study: Do Security Solutions stop Current Ransomware under Windows 11? The Best Technology Site in Greece
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