Dwarf Fortress the freeware that gave developers $7 million

One month before the release of Dwarf Fortress on Steam (also on Itch.io), the two brothers Zach and Tarn Adams had $15.635 in revenue, mostly from donations for their 16-year-old freeware.

dwarf Fortress

A month after the game's commercial debut, they won $7.230.123, or 462 times more than the amount they earned in the last 16 years.

Tarn Adams said of course that "a little less than half will go to taxes" and that many other people and various expenses will have to be paid.

But there will be plenty left for the brothers who report that "we have solved the key retirement problems that worry independents." This means that Putnam, a long-time modder, writer, and community member, will also be able to continue his work on the Dwarf Fortress codex after being legally hired in December.

“Health/retirement issues” hit the two brothers in 2019 when Zach had to seek treatment for skin cancer. The $10.000 cost, covered by insurance provided by his wife's employer, made them realize the need for more money.

"You can't just run GoFundMes until you can't and you die in your 50s," Tarn told the Guardian. end of 2022. "It is not nice".

This realization pushed them into a relatively affordable commercial deal to release the game.

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