Disable the F12 key in Firefox

See how to disable the F12 key that opens developer tools in Firefox.

firefox about config f12 a

Pressing the F12 key in Firefox will open the developer tools at the bottom or side of the screen. However, there are users who often press F12 by mistake and this might ehquite irritating.

Whether you don't want to have anything to do with the specific tools and F12, or in a company you don't want the employee to "play" with Firefox, you can completely disable the command with a simple config setting.

FYI, the “developer tools” feature is used by web developers or advanced users to test new features or troubleshoot issues with their websites. Ordinary users who want to use their browser to surf the web do not need this feature.

Let's see how you do it. We assume you have updated Firefox to its latest version which at the time of writing is 115.

Step 1 : Open Firefox and type in the address bar about: config and press Enter.

Step 2 : It will show you a warning message, click on "Risk Acceptance and Continuity". It will open the hidden secret advanced settings page of Firefox.

firefox about config

Step 3 : In the search bar type the following to search the F12 parameter:

By default, the preference value is set to true , which means that the F12 key is set to open Developer Tools in Firefox.

Step 3 : To disable the F12 key double click on the devtools.f12_enabled preference to set it to false.

firefox about config f12 115

That's it. If you try pressing the F12 key you will see that it does nothing.

NOTE: If you want to access Developer Tools again change the parameter to true.

In older versions of Firefox, i.e. from 114 and back, instead of the devtools.f12_enabled parameter search for:  devtools.experiment.f12.shortcut_disabled

and here its setting is completely reversed. That is, with true, F12 is disabled and with false, it is enabled.

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