Incredible image of the constellation Orion 2.5 GPixel

See an incredible image of the Orion constellation, 2,5 gigapixels in size, which took five years to complete.

With a job that took 5 years to complete and over 500 hours of processing, the astrophotographer Matt Harbison (Matt Harbison) completed a life dream, which began in 2013. The conception, processing and disposal of a Incredibly detailed 2,5 gigapixel photo of the constellation Orion (Orion).

Harbison wrote that The idea for this image began in 2013 and began in 2015. Within five years, he took thousands of photographs in a shot that had already been cut into 200 pieces and would eventually be processed into a final photograph of the Orion Nebula. Named The ORION Project, Harbison he describes the creation of this image as the culmination of his years of involvement with the stars.

Use the QHY 16200 CCD APS-H camera with a built-in 7-position filter wheel, designed specifically for astrophotography and priced at around $ 4.800. The image took over 500 hours to process using a combination of Sequence Generator Pro from Main Sequence Software, PHD2 Guiding, Pixinsight, Astro Pixel Processor and Adobe Photoshop.

The end result is a 2,5 gigapixels image of the constellation Hour, with full navigation, so you can read even small details of the constellation in your spare time.

We encourage you to follow InstagramThe Twitter and UAF YouTube of Harbison, but even if you do not at least visit the full 2,5 gigapixel image here.

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