Apple: 16year at the company's servers for a year!

A 16 student from Melbourne has been able to access Apple's servers for more than a year and is now facing criminal prosecution by the FBI for this hack.

The Age reports that a Melbourne 16 man repeatedly broke Apple's servers from his home because he considered himself the biggest fan of the company and he thought he was doing that good.

During the sessions, the teenager managed to download approximately 90GB files to his computer, including secure access keys to user accounts.

The teenager's arrest was conducted last year by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) by the Australian Federal Police after a raid on his home, but the incident was kept secret. Today the teenager is known in the international hacking community.

During a raid on a teenager's home in Melbourne, the Australian Federal Police discovered a series of hacking tools that allowed Apple Servers to be compromised, all stored in an unencrypted folder called "hacky hack hack".

The teenager shared some of the files he obtained from Apple's servers via WhatsApp, but in the end, the company's security team detected his presence and stopped him. The teenager told police that he hacked Apple because he "dreamed" of working for the company.

Until now Apple has not announced anything about the contents of 90GB leaked.

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