Ashampoo Cinemagraph for moving photos (6 licenses)

Ashampoo Cinemagraph: Cinemographs on home pages and social media profiles always pull all your eyes! This is because they are different, they are neither pictures nor videos.Ashampoo Cinemagraph

The moving pictures have subtle movements in pictures that resemble magic. Sure, you can use Photoshop to create them, but why deal with expensive and complicated software when you can create dazzling moving pictures in just minutes with Ashampoo Cinemagraph?

screenshot ashampoo cinemagraph example bridge

Icon: mark Ashampoo CinemagraphLovely movies in a few minutes
Ashampoo Cinemagraph Icon: markExcellent results and extremely easy handling
Icon: mark23 effects and 6 transition modes
Icon: markStabilize shuffled videos
Icon: markRotate and cut in any ratio
Icon: markRounded corners for a special look
Icon: markVariable playback speeds for slowmotion and timelapse effects
Ashampoo Cinemagraph Icon: markAdd text overlays with ease
Icon: markSupports all common video formats, codecs and analytics
Icon: mark Ashampoo CinemagraphExit to animated GIFs or to many other video formats
Icon: markCreate and reuse custom user preferences
Ashampoo CinemagraphOutput formats: animated GIF, MP4 (H.264), WMV, Motion JPEG, WebM, OGG, uncompressed AVI

As easy as photo editing

All you need is a video and, of course, Ashampoo Cinemagraph. The video should contain as few shots as possible of the video with ideally the videos taken on tripods. Ashampoo Cinemagraph gives you a brush to highlight individual parts of your video you want to keep moving or staying. Size, hardness and opacity are adjustable through sliders. We believe that everyone can create impressive moving pictures with our software!

screenshot ashampoo cinemagraph example city

More than animation

The interaction of the moving and the moving parts inevitably attracts the viewer to whatever motivation you seek to emphasize. Through a clever combination, multiple layers of vision are possible to create incredibly vivid photos and videos repeatedly! While Cinemagraphs is always video-based, your viewers will find that you have applied the magic of Harry Potter to bring life to lifelike photos - and perfect as a visual highlight for your videos or presentations!

Ashampoo Cinemagraph The toolbox of an artist

You can decide which parts to remain stable and which ones to move. The resulting videos create great moods and are perfect for capturing these special moments! Results can be exported as GIF or video files as needed. Export settings such as size, quality and number of loops can be customized with just a few clicks and if you want to keep the sound, you can do it.

Ashampoo Cinemagraph

Video Enhancements for Perfect Cinemographs

The success of any video production depends heavily on the original material. This is why Ashampoo Cinemagraph allows you to quickly adjust exposure and color settings. Improve color saturation, adjust shadows and optimize lighting conditions on a flash! Use tone correction and adjust white balance settings to get the most out of your movies!

Add text and effects

Like videos, moving pictures can be further processed through special effects or overlays. Ashampoo Cinemagraph makes it extremely easy to add texts or choose from 23 effects with six transition effects to adjust mood. Both power and transitions are fully adjustable, of course. Give space to your creativity and set tones that will impress your viewers more.

Rotate, cut and adjust the time with ease

This photo animation software is ideal for capturing the perfect moment with excellent fitting and using the best form for work. Rotate your videos freely, crop to focus on what matters, and adjust aspect ratios as needed. Edit time with time-lapse and slowmotion effects and change playback speeds at the touch of a button to give your own touch. Of course, your settings are stored and can be reused later.

Ashampoo Cinemagraph Stabilize shuffled videos

Camera shakes are the natural enemy of moving pictures. But downloaded videos from mobile phones or cameras tend to suffer from a lack of stability. Ashampoo Cinemagraph features state-of-the-art video stabilization! Even manual shots that are set on the move become more stable and realistic.

Turn your photos into stunning moving pictures!

Do you want to use it for free? No problem, you can use this Ashampoo product for 10 days without limitations and after free registration even for 20 extra days! A month full of exciting moving pictures for you free!

Ashampoo Cinemagraph Contest

Giveaway directly has for you 6 licenses of the Ashampoo Cinemagraph application.

Comment this post (not on social media). The winners will be announced after a draw and the licenses will be sent to the emails listed in the comment box. Your email is only visible to administrators.

The contest is valid for our readers in Greece and Cyprus.

You will receive your gifts on the evening of April 13th.




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