ASUS recall on fire motherboards

A few weeks ago strange things started happening with gamers using it ASUS Z690 Hero. Their systems began to catch fire.

Reports of burning motherboards are starting to appear in Reddit and in various forums. So is ASUS issued a recall for the product, or as a "replacement program" calls extinguishers

After reports of ASUS motherboards "flashing", some tried to find out why. So it turned out to be a simple construction (assembly) error and not a design flaw. Netective reports that a capacitor was installed in the reverse position causing reverse polarity and very high temperatures, which made the components catch fire.

"In our ongoing research, we have tentatively identified a possible αντίστροφου πυκνωτή s that can cause him error 53, and damage to motherboard components,” ASUS said in a statement.

Holders of motherboards can control a page he created Asus to see if they are affected.
Or you can always see your motherboard. If the positive end of the capacitor points to the MOSFET, there is a risk. Youtuber Buildzoid, who also diagnosed the problem, shows you how to locate the problem in the video below. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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