What is Channel Bonding? How to double the speed of your connection

Do you know what Channel Bonding is? Do you know that you can double the speed of your internet connection by adding two links?

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If you are looking for ways to improve the speed of your internet and you have no choice but to get a second connection, then you can either split your traffic into two links, or combine them and have one but fast enough. As an idea, it has more application in professional roofs than in home users.

So a slow internet connection in a business can be really painful. But if you're limited by the speed of ISPs in your area, what options do you have for better connectivity? The answer may be more links.

Can you use multiple internet connections?
Until an internet service provider develops the right infrastructure where your home or business is located and you will need an additional internet connection to overcome the problem.

This can be from the same provider using the same technology or a different provider with a different technology. The second solution will provide you with a continuous internet connection if the first provider "falls" for some time.

So if one provider's connection fails, there is a backup connection to which all Internet traffic will be routed. The condition for this is “failover".


However, failover will not help you increase your internet speed. For this, you need one load balancing (load balancing) or channel bonding (channel connection).

Both load balancing and channel bonding have different uses, costs and problems. Ultimately, it depends on how your internet traffic is routed.

In the market because the channel bonding service is not widespread and the name is not "catchy" you will see it as internet bonding, or wan bonding in Greek and as "line consolidation".

How is data routed on the internet?
Let's take a look at how an internet request is routed. Your computer and browser connect to a server that provides the necessary files to load the webpage you are currently reading. For a clearer picture of what is described, try to imagine your internet connection as a set of pipes.

socket pipeline image

The various elements of the website, such as text and images, are delivered (as a data packet) through a slot. Think of the wall outlet as a pipe for information that extends from the server to you. If the socket is a pipe, the packages are the liquid that flows through it.

For example, the image you see above was initially split into several individual packets and delivered through an outlet. It was then reassembled from your browser.

What is Load Balancing?
Load balancing is the way in which your internet traffic is distributed between two or more internet providers. You need a router with multiple WAN connections to implement load balancing.

load balancingEvery Internet connection can be from a different provider or even a different technology. For example, you could have the router connected to a fiber optic network and an LTE network at the same time.

Each of your devices that "goes" on the Internet is limited to one network connection at a time. You basically split all your traffic into two connections at once, but each device only connects to one of the two connections. ΤαAll packets of a specific device go through a specific connection.

In the diagram above, the network has access to two 5 Mbps internet connections. If a user wanted to stream a movie that required 8 Mbps, load balancing would not help. This is because a movie stream requires a large diameter conveyor or tube to deliver a movie from a server to you.

What is Channel Bonding
Chanel bonding separates your web traffic at the package level between multiple internet connections.

While load balancing separates your network traffic, channel bonding effectively combines many different internet connections into one.

channel bonding

For this to happen, your Internet traffic needs to be split up and reunited. There are options in both hardware and software for channel bonding. But you need to have a hardware infrastructure if you want your entire network to take advantage of channel bonding.

A company like Shareband in America or respectively in Greece Linkshop or InfoLib or combox will provide you with a device to connect many internet connections. Your data is then securely sent to this company through your multiple internet connections, where it is processed and sent back to you.

This means that channel bonding will be effective even for the user who is trying to broadcast a great movie, because the traffic is distributed at a low level.

Channel bonding despite the hardware still requires subscription, as the company uses its servers to separate and customize your internet traffic for you.

At the moment, the fiber optic connection to your site is funded by the European Union, but when that stops, a fiber optic connection to your home may cost a considerable amount of money. And it may cost less to use two cheaper ADSL or VDSL connections in your home and connect them.

Channel bonding software
It is possible that you already have a device capable of using multiple simultaneous internet connections, in the form of a smartphone. You can integrate Wi-Fi and LTE connections using channel bonding software.

One such application is Speedify that we presented to you recently, which is essentially a VPN, but as its name suggests, can help you get a fast track with the integration of Wi-Fi and LTE.

To get an idea of ​​how effective this solution can be, you can run three speed tests: One using Wi-Fi only, one using LTE only, and one using the Speedify channel connection, which combines both two.


What to do if you can not have Channel Bonding
If you can not unify your two or more lines? or you can not get a fast line, then you have to play with limits.

You will need a managed switch that will allow you to set download and upload limits for both groups and users. This can help configure your internet connection and provide a better browsing experience for all users. Little by little, the phenomenon of someone uploading a large file will stop and everyone else will be dragged.

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