Athena 2023.06.23 for InfoSec Profs, Bug Bounty Hunters and Spicy Hackers

The new Athena OS is released for InfoSec Professionals, Bug Bounty Hunters, Passionate Learners and Spicy Hackers.

athina os

What it offers

Pentesting: Athena OS has access to the BlackArch repository, the largest repository of pentesting tools.

User Oriented: if Arch was built for power users, Athena OS is designed to reduce complexity and improve the user experience.

Light: Athena OS optimizes disk space consumption by retrieving the tools you need only when you use them. Tools you never use will not be stored and your disk space will only be used for what you really need.

Odds: Athena OS is based on Arch Linux, so it's configured to load the bare minimum for its purpose. No useless services, no useless modules consuming your resources.

Flexibility: due to the nature of Arch, Athena OS is flexible and can easily evolve to new user needs.

Athena OS, codenamed “pulleys”, comes with many important fixes and new implementations. changelog

Athena OS Polias provides:

    • Blue Team circular menu!
    • New hacking roles: Blue Teamer et DoS Attacker
    • 10 terminals to be chosen during the installation of Athena
    • Cyber ​​Chef as APPLICATION! If you need to decode or encode what you wish, you don't need to use the browser for connecting to CyberChef. Athena gives you CyberChef as application! Give a look on the menu !
    • Automatic installation of the right drivers for your PC. Now Athena can recognize yours GPU and install the right drivers with no user interaction
    • Xorg now is set as default because of being more stable than Wayland (ie, Screen Share)
    • automatically of environment (if Virtual or BareMetal) and install the right drivers for it
    • Automatic recognition of the selected File System and installation of related management tools
    • Implemented Environment choice during the installation (currently only “No Desktop” and “GNOME” options)
    • Implemented several GNOME extensions for improving the productivity of the environment
    • Installed modules on PowerShell
    • Implemented BASH autosuggestion et ZSH autosuggestion
    • Implemented Offline Install
    • Implemented Nano syntax highlighting for highlighting your files opened by nano according to its programming language
    • After the installation, Athena recognizes what they are fastest Arch Linux, BlackArch and Chaotic mirrors and set them automatically in your new system.
    • Added cpc alias for copying file contents directly on the clipboard without opening files
    • Implemented Athena Grub Theme
    • Discord replaced by ArmCord for removing Discord telemetry and improving the Privacy of the OS
    • Added Mulvad Browser choice in order to have a further browser designed for Privacy (it integrates by OpenVPN too)
    • VSCode replaced by Codium for removing Microsoft telemetry (Codium is also faster than VSCode)
    • Android mobile smartphones can be recognized by Athena when by USB
    • htb-play now tracks the machines you found user or root flags
    • Added more bookmarks et Wayback extension on the browser
    • HTB Update now should refresh the HTB Active Machines on PWNage menu every 15 days
    • Implementation of OnionShare for sharing in anonymous way all the info you need with your peer!
    • Added Tor Browser
    • Added Edex-UI: a cinematic terminal environment!
    • Implemented GNOME Gestures Improvements for improving the experience of users using touchpads
    • ZSWAP replaced by ZRAM

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