Hack-A-Sat 8 teams will try to hack a satellite

This August, at the famous DEFCON hacker conference, the US military will hold a competition in which 8 teams of white-hat hackers, for the first time, will try to penetrate and conquer computer systems on an orbiting satellite.hack a sat

It took four years, but "this year, we're really in space," said Steve Colenzo, Chief of Transportation Technology for the Aviation Research Laboratory's Information Directorate in Rome, New York, and one of the contest's organizers.

Ο Hack-A-Sat contest 4 capture-the-flag comes in the wake of the infamous cyber attack on the Viasat KA-SAT European satellite network last year. Russian hackers tried to cut off the Ukrainian command and control of its armed forces by shutting down the network just as the Russian army was crossing the border.

While there are conflicting reports on the impact of this particular hack on combat, the attack was completely effective from a technical standpoint. Every KA-SAT ground terminal that was active at the time shut down by itself and could not be activated.

Αυτό, συν τις παράπλευρες ζημιές που προκάλεσε η επίθεση, όπως τα αιολικά πάρκα στη Γερμανία που βγήκαν εκτός σύνδεσης, μας έδει τον αναπόσπαστο ρόλο των δορυφορικών δικτύων στην παγκόσμια οικονομία, όσο και την ευπάθειά τους σε hackers που γνωρίζουν τι κάνουν.

It also demonstrated the value of the annual Hack-A-Sat competition, which aims to highlight the cyber threat facing space agencies.

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Hack-A-Sat, DEFCON

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