Athena OS for InfoSec Professionals, Bug Bounty Hunters and Spicy Hackers

The new Athena OS is released for InfoSec Professionals, Bug Bounty Hunters, Passionate Learners and Spicy Hackers.

athina os

What it offers

Pentesting: Athena OS has access to the BlackArch repository, the largest repository of pentesting tools.
User Oriented: if Arch was built for power users, Athena OS is designed to reduce complexity and improve the user experience.
Light: Athena OS optimizes disk space consumption by retrieving the tools you need only when you use them. Tools you never use will not be stored and your disk space will only be used for what you really need.
Odds: Athena OS is based on Arch Linux, so it's configured to load the bare minimum for its purpose. No useless services, no useless modules consuming your resources.
Flexibility: due to the nature of Arch, Athena OS is flexible and can easily evolve to new user needs.

Athena OS, codenamed “Nike” (Greek: “Ники”), comes with many important fixes and new implementations, and it comes with the new GNOME 43!

Athena OS Nike will provide:

  • Hacking roles: you can choose among several roles for your hacking activity:
    • Bug Bounty Hunter
    • Cracker
    • Enthusiast Student
    • Forensic Analyst
    • Malware Analyst
    • Mobile Analyst
    • Network Analyst
    • Red Teamer
    • Web Pentester
  • Hacking variable environment viewer: you can easily list the set of environment variables you need for your activity
  • Autotiling feature: you can now tile windows by Autotiling icon on the top-right of the screen
  • osert tool: Markdown Templates for Offensive Security exam reports. Just get it by pacman!
  • BASH and ZSH as shells to be chosen
  • GRUB Athena background
  • A lot of security resources as bookmarks in Firefox ESR
  • Hack-Tools extension in Firefox ESR
  • CTRL + ALT + T for invoking the terminal, SUPER+D for minimizing all the windows, SUPER+E for opening the Home folder
  • Snapper for creating snapshots of your system for recovery purposes
  • Octopi as graphical package manager

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