AV TEST February 2020 the best antivirus

Researchers at the German institute AV TEST conducted new tests in January and on February of 2020 to determine the best τα ασφαλείας για τα .

As usual, they tested every app on the , performance and usability, giving a maximum of six points for each category.


At the top of course we see well-known names of security companies, and all the following applications, had the highest score with 18 points:

Avira Antivirus Pro
F-Secure SAFE

Norton LifeLock Norton 360
VIPRE Security Advanced Security

On the other hand, the following applications came very close to the maximum score of 17,5 points in the AV TEST tests:

Bull Guard Internet Security
G DATA Internet Security
K7 TotalSecurity
Microsoft Defender
trend Internet Security

Windows Defender, the antivirus that comes with Windows 10, was again found to be reliable in performance, as it managed to have almost the same score as the top security companies. Windows Defender got 5,5 points in protection, 6 points in performance and 6 for utility with a final score of 17,5 points.

Windows Defender: bug in Microsoft antivirus

The worst score was given to PC Matic, a security product (3 points for protection and 3,5 points for usability. Its performance during the tests was excellent and got 6 points).

Antivirus: monitors you? What can you do


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