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Avira released the free PC Cleaner, an anti-malware scanner


Avira has just released its English version PC Cleaner , a standalone scanner that is designed to be used as a complementary security solution.

The application is free and does not create problems with other anti-malware alternatives that already exist on your computer. It is a simple tool that checks the most important parts of the system and looks for malicious software.


The product has two scan modes, the default site search that is most likely for a malware to attack. And a full scan that covers all system units and takes much longer to complete.

In both cases, all processes loaded are verified along with their data. When it first launches Avira PC Cleaner checks for updates and downloads the necessary files (if any) into a temporary directory.

It will also place two icons on the desktop, one to start the application and another to remove it from the computer.

Download the free Avira PC Cleaner in English from here. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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