BBC Governorate "swept" pages of the Dutch government

BBC: A large number of websites of the Dutch government "threw out" a large-scale cyber-attack that took place on Tuesday, as confirmed.

cyber-attack BBC BBC

As reported in his publication with the BBC, the attack, which has also resulted in the fall of some private websites, has highlighted the vulnerability of public infrastructure.

The incident takes place as the US strengthens their cyberweights and after warnings of targeting websites of the French authorities.

Dutch MPs demanded that the country's government take steps to ensure that government sites can withstand such attacks in the future.

In a statement, the Dutch government confirmed that it was the target of a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), where servers are flooded with traffic, causing problems in their load.

The incident is being investigated by experts, "along with people from the National Cyber-Security Center," said a Dutch government official. As it became known, the pages "fell" at 11.00 (Greece time) and the attack lasted until the evening.

Among the pages targeted were, a popular portal that satires politicians and religions, as the Telford telecoms company.

Regarding the government pages that were affected, most of the central government's main sites were, but online emergency telephone numbers and channels remained.

It is noted that the United States has recently announced the creation of a unit for the analysis of cyber-threats to the standards of counter-terrorism services.


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