Become a better snowboarder with motion tracking binders

The CES had plenty of gadgets as well as smart solutions to make your life easier. One of these was the bindings for snowboard XON Snow-1.snowboard

With the XON Snow-1 bindings you can monitor the percentage of push-balance load you have on your feet but also on points of each foot, all through flexible sensors connected to the snowboard. The data, in combination with the corresponding application that will receive the data via Bluetooth, can be analyzed and help you make a better descent.

It can even work with cameras as support to overlay the data so you can better analyze the information.

Snow-1 could become an ideal tool for advanced riders looking for ways to improve the sliding style. But as a teaching tool, it could be a great way to help riders get rid of bad habits and wrong techniques before they become a habit.

Snow-1 is expected to be available for sale sometime this year, but we still do not know the cost.

See the relevant video with the demo presentation.

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