Best Protection Distinction for Symantec Endpoint Protection

Η Symantec Body. announced that application Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) won the prize "Best Protection 2015 Award" for corporate users, the institute AV-TESTS. Symantec Endpoint Protection has been distinguished for its consistently high performance in all 2015 security testing.Symantec Endpoint Protection

"Symantec Endpoint Protection corporate solution wins award"Best Protection 2015 ″, achieving impressive levels of protection in all tests », said Maik Morgenstern, CTO of the AV-TEST Institute.

The AV-TEST institute, internationally recognized for its unbiased, rigorous testing practices, evaluates throughout one year the effectiveness of protection provided by various security solutions against advanced threats. Security solutions are subjected to more than a thousand tests live zero-day attacks, which are attempted through infected ones websites and e-mails, in order to assess the protection offered by each product. In addition, AV-TEST measures the traceability of security solutions for over 150.000, modern, widespread threats.

Symantec Endpoint Protection has prevailed over all competing security solutions across the 2015 test cycle.

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In each of six AV Test Tests, Endpoint Protection has consistently achieved high protection functions that have almost reached the 100% of the success level. For this performance, the product won the AV-TEST "Best Protection 2015 Award". In addition, the antivirus Norton Security was recognized by the AV-TESTS as the best application at product category level Consumer. This is the first time that a vendor is awarded in both product categories, Business and Consumer. Symantec representatives received the awards at the AV-TEST Institute's annual award ceremony in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Modern cyber-attacks are becoming more and more inventive, exploiting the endpoints (endpoints) of networks to penetrate an organization's computer infrastructure. Endpoint Protection provides unparalleled protection, performance and management, and prevents new and unknown threats from being prevented. The company, having been a leader in the development of multiple protection technologies for many years endpoints, is now - through this approach - the leader of the next generation of endpoint protection applications.

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"Symantec's next-generation intelligent protection uses advanced learning machines to directly block abnormal behaviors in real time and prevent targeted attacks", said Amit Jasuja, Senior Vice President, Product Development, of the company. "In addition, this effort is supported by the world's largest, non-military threat detection network, rapidly identifying malware mutation and zero-day threats without affecting system performance".

Endpoint Protection uses intelligent detection and prevention technologies, such as mechanical learning, to eliminate threats as quickly as possible. Building on its power Symantec Global Intelligence Network, prioritizing and detecting attacks more quickly, minimizing risk levels. At the same time, Symantec Endpoint Protection preserves high levels of business productivity by providing discretionary protection that does not slow performance through false positives.

For more information on Symantec Endpoint Protection, visit it You can also read his entire report AV-TESTS Institute.

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