Bitdefender: won 6 awards from AV TEST

Bitdefender's corporate and consumer products won the Best Protection 2017 and Best Performance 2017 awards for outstanding protection against online threats with minimal impact on system resources.

The Bitdefender GravityZone Endpoint Security and Bitdefender Internet Security they won the first prizes after one rigorous testing time by AV-TEST, a worldwide independent analysis and testing company.Bitdefender

The Bitdefender Internet Security has also proven to be the best solution for dealing with a malware infection, winning the AV-TEST Best Repair award.

To protect smartphones and , the Bitdefender Mobile Security has won the Best Android Security award, as tests have shown that it fully protects corporate users and BYOD's strategy, effectively securing the ever-growing number of private devices in a company.

This is the fourth consecutive time that Bitdefender's solutions have won the AV-TEST Best Performance Award, demonstrating once again that Bitdefender's protection technologies have the least impact on system speed.

To measure impact, AV-TEST takes into account typical actions such as launching popular websites, αρχείων, την εκκίνηση τυποποιημένων εφαρμογών etc.

The AV-TEST Best Protection Award recognizes the ability of Bitdefender's solutions to prevent and prevent all kinds of malware, including those that have never occurred again.

Supported by many patents related to engineering learning algorithms to detect malware and other threats via the Internet, these techniques play a vital role in preventing new and unknown threats.

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