Bitport Download torrent online at incredible speeds

Bitport is a website-service that will help you find, download and stream your torrents, easily and safely.

The Bitport works very simply. You will need an account (free, with limited storage, or one of the premium options it offers per month). This will allow you to connect to an internet console, from where you can download or upload torrent files or magnet links. The files you download are stored in your personal cloud account, and from there you can download it to your computer, or more simply view it or listen to it streaming.bitport

The benefits are very important for the end user. First of all is the speed: because the torrent goes down at the speed used by the server, something that will seem much faster than the speed of your home. For example a file with few seeders was downloaded at 10MB / s. The download is instantaneous, especially if another Bitport user is seeding the same file, it is like transferring local.

Protecting your personal data now is another advantage: because the files are not stored on your computer, and the links are encrypted, it will be much harder for movie studios to quit access. If you are particularly paranoid, you can use a VPN or Tor to access the service.

Of course, Bitport has strict terms of use, which prohibit the downloading of copyrighted material. It also states that it will comply with any removal requests for copyrighted material.

Prices for Bitport start at 4 and reach 12 euros for 30GB up to 250GB of storage. The free package offers 2 GB.


Another similar service is It also provides several services, but a large storage space costs. slide04

We can not know whether these services encounter any legal problem at a later stage, but they are currently accepting payments with Bitcoin and through PayPal.

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