Spread details about the new Twitter Video Player service

The Twitter Video Player will support file formats "mp4" and "mov" on smartphones with an 16 dimension: 9, according to documents leaked by a developer. Videos can be up to 10 minutes.
Whether accidentally or intentionally, Twitter unveiled a document in its FAQ describing an upcoming video service like YouTube or Vimeo.Twitter Video Player

It was originally discovered by a San Francisco resident Daniel Raffel who is developing snapguide.com. Looking at Twitter's Frequently Asked Questions, he was surprised to say that the service supports MP4 and MOV formats, and that videos should be encoded using the X.264 standard with 16: 9 and AAC (low complexity) codecs.

They also state that users should ensure that their clips do not exceed 10 minutes and the video bitrate will be at least 5000K bits while the audio bitrate should be 128k.

"We do not currently have a file size limit when uploading. Therefore, we encourage our users to use the highest resolution of the source video, to have the best user experience. However, keep in mind that the larger the source file, the longer it will take to upload the file, ”says the FAQ.

The FAQ also describes how to use Twitter Video Player. You can see above details here.

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