Brave has acquired the Tailcat search engine

Brave Software acquired the Tailcat search engine to intensify its competition with Google Search. Tailcat is expected to be integrated into the Brave browser, as Brave Search.

Brave Search is intended to be an alternative to Google Search, and will be a privacy-focused service that does not collect IP addresses or personal information and does not track users.

It may sound similar to DuckDuckGo. But there are several differences. The Brave company says that its Search will serve the user first, in other words it will not be without ads. But instead of tracking users with personalized ads, Brave Search will use non-targeted ads.

If you are familiar with the Brave browser, you may have noticed how user ads work. The browser displays random ads (non-personalized, ad campaigns) which, when viewed, give you some BATs (Basic Attention Tokens, the Brave cryptocurrency). Brave says it will run on private search ads. There are plans to offer Brave Rewards with Search, so it could be another way to earn more BAT.

There will be two levels in Brave Search. One premium search without ads, while the other will be a search supported by ads as described above. Brave claims that it will provide unbiased search results without coercive censorship or discriminatory algorithms, unlike other services that have been criticized and often sued for promoting specific results.

The Tailcat is a search engine developed by Cliqz. You may have heard of the Cliqz browser, it was once a branch of it και επικεντρώθηκε στο απόρρητο και περιλάμβανε a custom search engine. Mozilla has invested in Cliqz the 2016, but a year later Cliqz (the company behind it) acquired the popular Ghostery extension, which focuses on privacy. Four years later, in 2020, Cliqz closed. The browser's built-in search engine was the first to display search suggestions and top search results as the search query was typed in the address bar. The important part here is that the search engine yielded results while protecting the user's privacy.

You may already know, but DuckDuckGo automatic search suggestions are powered by Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, etc. In fact, has hundreds of sources. Tailcat on the other hand is an independent search engine, that is, it is not based on Bing, Google, etc., it has its own index.

Brave Search is not yet available to users, you can subscribe to the waiting list by going to

In Brave Browser you will be able to choose the search engine of your choice, which is not surprising, as antitrust laws practically guarantee that users have many options. But the most interesting is the mention that Brave Search will be available in other browsers as well. So, we could use it in Firefox, Vivaldi, Chrome, Edge etc.

Brave says that has over 25 million monthly active users in 2021 and likened its growth to the recent move from Whatsapp to Signal, since the service owned by shot her legs, making questionable changes to its privacy policy. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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