Buster Captcha Solver for Humans solves Captchas automatically

Buster Captcha Solver for Humans is an extension of browsers FirefoxAnd Google Chrome which promises to solve your captchas.

Of course you know the captcha images that are used to verify site visitors. They are used very often to cut access to bots on a website or service.Buster Captcha

The Buster Captcha Extension Solver for Humans is a free browser add-on for automating Captchas resolution. Expansion is reportedly using an intelligent method to solve them.

Most captcha images support and sound along with images. Expansion therefore uses speech recognition to automatically solve Captchas.

All you have to do is click on the extension button at the bottom of Captchas and resolve them automatically.

Let's note, however, that speech recognition is not infallible, but you can try again if the extension did not correctly understand the description.
Let's say the Buster extension is not the first of its kind. The Cloudhole extension was released 2016 for Firefox but only works on Cloudflare capthas. But Cloudflare released the Privacy Pass on 2017 to limit the number of captchas that appear to users while Google released the reCaptcha v3 2018 that no longer requires user interaction.


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