Call of Duty: WW2 that an innocent person was actually killed

An innocent was shot on December 28 in an incident that came after an online battle in Call of Duty. The two players involved in the incident used M1ruhcle and Baperizer as aliases and allegedly were teammates in the same group of Call of Duty: WW2.Call of Duty

It all started for a 1,50 dollar bet

The two players came into play when their team lost from another in an online game with a $ 1,50 bet.

The dispute broke out when MXNUM Circle leaked Baperizer's personal data to the internet. Immediately afterwards the Baperizer movement had the effect of killing his friend.


The Baperizer allegedly swatted the M1ruhcle, that is, he called the Police at his home, denouncing an illegal act. In this case, the prankster reported to the Police a dispute with murder…

What happened;

Wichita deputy chief of police, Troy Livingston, said his police station had been summoned on Thursday by a man who claimed he had disagreed with his mother. The caller claimed he was shooting his father on his head and holding his mother, his brother and his sister as hostages.

The police, of course, sent a SWAT unit ready for a hostage incident to the caller's address.

"A man came to the front door," Livingston told one Press conference. "When he came to the front door, one of our officers pulled out his gun."

Family members told KWCH12 that the police told the man to come out with his hands and then shot him.

The man, whose real name was Andrew Thomas Finch, 28 years old, succumbed shortly to the local hospital. The family said they were not used to playing games on the internet and had no weapon. Finch was the father of two children, seven and two years old.

The police are currently trying to recognize all the people involved in the incident, and of course they are investigating the actions of the SWAT team.

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The Wichita police was released the audio message it received via 911, and a video from a camera that existed on the police.

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