CCleaner 5.46 with enhanced privacy options

The 5.46 was released yesterday aiming to fix its problems previous version CCleaner 5.45 withdrew from the company.

In the new version, Piriform added the which allow you to disable the tracking process but also to disable the sending of anonymous usage statistics.CCleaner 5.46

In the previous version of CCleaner 5.45, users found that they could not permanently disable the Active Monitoring της εφαρμογής. Η λειτουργία ξεκινούσε αυτόματα στην επόμενη επανεκκίνηση της εφαρμογής ή του . With the new version you can disable the sending of anonymous usage data to Piriform, something you couldn't do in version 5.45 which the company retired.

It's worth mentioning that in the previous version, not only could you not disable the feature, but you also couldn't close the app! You could minimize CCleaner, there was no obvious way to terminate the program, requiring users to terminate the process from , to close the program.

So Piriform has decided to withdraw the 5.45 version until it can develop the 5.46 version, which was released yesterday.

The Piriform he says:

Privacy Settings
- Added separate check for reporting anonymous usage data
- Added a link to a data bulletin (, which explains the data reported by CCleaner, why it is reported and used.

Smart Cleaning
- We renamed the "Monitoring" feature to "Smart Cleaning" to better describe its function (smart cleaning alerts)
- We have redrafted the controls for the sake of clarity
- If Smart Cleaning is off, the CCleaner background process will be shut down and will not run again on startup

General information
- Restore previous System Tray and minimize
- Various stability issues have been fixed

CCleaner 5.46 gives you control over your data

With the release of CCleaner 5.46, users seem to be able to decide how their data is sent, whether anonymous or not, to Piriform.

Those wishing to disable the sending of anonymous usage data can do so from the options: Options - Privacy and disable the "Help improve CCleaner by sending anonymous usage data" option.

In the new version, you can now also turn off Smart Cleaning from Options - Smart Cleaning.

If you want to use the application again, you should be careful during the installation as it still shows installation offers for other applications as well, for example you have to untick it to avoid installing Google Chrome or Avast.

Piriform also offers a slim version that does not contain such offers. You can download it from here.

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