ChatGPT end of an era – beginning of a new one

We've undoubtedly seen OpenAI's ChatGPT by now to transform suddenly from a highly specialized experiment to a project that guides trends and developments in the technology industry. THE MicrosoftThe Google and other rival search platforms want to acquire it or create something of their own.

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However, the latest changes allow ChatGPT to be added almost everywhere, (see its original, something reminiscent of a science fiction novel.
A common theme in science fiction novels is the prevalence of AI in the modern world, and particularly in spaceships and how they interact with users.

The main difference here is that these AIs don't just respond with unbiased facts from a neutral perspective (which isn't certain yet), but have personalities, charms, and sometimes even emotions or opinions, reminiscent of Skynet and the Rebellion. of robots. It is up to us to decide whether this will be the coming future or a bright future with AIs coexisting in harmony with humanity.

Instead of a search engine showing links, now we will get answers and that will be great. The fact that the ChatGPT is already released in various tools, shows us that this is just the beginning of what this technology can do, and when we actually start seeing it integrated into services like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple's Siri, our lives will change.

We could easily imagine the text-to-voice function as a very powerful tool being integrated into smart watches, smart homes, and becoming an integral part of our lives. What will a realistic future look like?

The only potential negative impact I see here is that once we move beyond wearable technology, there are the ethical concerns of embedding the technology under the skin. We've already seen something with it Neuralink of Elon Musk which caused controversy after the first presentations. People today seem to reject this technology.

Will the younger generations embrace it?

Honestly speaking, this innovative technology is just getting started and the fact that the leading tech companies are running and falling short makes me wonder what the future holds. I wonder if I will become a grandfather and tell my grandchildren that "back in my day we typed for every search". The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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