Chen San-yuan the grandfather of the Pokémon

Chen San-yuan can also be described as Pokémon Go's grandfather. He is from Taiwan, and is undoubtedly one of Pokémon's best players, or at least the most dedicated.

Chen San-yuanSan-yuan made international headlines in August when they watched him chase Pokémons with a bicycle and 11 phones on a dock. Judging from a recent picture of San-yuan who posted on Twitter, apparently upgraded his system with a waist dock and so no longer needs the bike.

According to the local news agency he discovered, San-yuan spends more than 1.000 dollars a month on his hobby. Pokemon's favorite is the Snorlax and he always holds a bag to constantly charge his phones.

No matter how good you are in Pokémon, you will never reach San-yuan, unless you have the necessary budget, but also a retiree's free time.


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