It is okay to swallow your gum

You may have heard 1000 + 1 reasons not to swallow your chewing gum, but if you did, it will not kill you, nor will it stay in your stomach for seven years…. chewing gum gum

The dangers of ingestion of chewing gum are greatly exaggerated.

Gastroenterologist Mark Larson reports to Greatist that he always swallows his chewing gum.

"I just hate the idea of ​​taking it out and putting it somewhere," he says.

Your body does the same thing as gum, as with everything else, it can not digest like all the fibers. He just takes them out.

So, where does o ; Probably from a real, but rare phenomenon called the bezoar. Bezoar describes a mass of undigested (or non-food) stuck in your stomach or intestine.

A cat often afflicts her with her hairs she can not digest.

Although bezoar, it is a real phenomenon is so rare there are only three cases that have been reported in the medical literature. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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