Chrome 74 with Dark Mode for Windows available to everyone

Google today released Chrome 74 for all users (Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS and Android). While each new release comes with new features and bug fixes, the main new addition to today's update is Dark Mode support for Windows.

Mac users already know they enjoyed Chrome's Dark Mode from last month, and the release of Chrome 73.

Chrome 74

For users who want to turn on the new Dark Mode, the bad news is that there is no option in the Chrome settings section to do this.

Just as for Mac users, if Windows users want to turn on the new Chrome feature, they will have to change the operating system theme and Google Chrome will automatically change to Dark Mode along with the operating system.

This means that users can not use Chrome Dark Mode regardless of the operating system theme, which can be quite annoying as most users prefer to control the appearance of each application.

Security Improvements

The rest of the new features added to Chrome 74 are almost all web-devs. From this version, Google stops downloading files from iframes, a common method used to distribute malware through malware.

Another security mechanism added by Google to the new version of Chrome is blocking the ability of a site to open a new tab when the current page is closed.
This technique has been tamed in recent years by advertisers and technical fraud scams. So Google thought it good to take drastic action.

From Chrome 74 for Android comes a new data-saving mechanism, which Google calls "Lite mode".

There are no details on how Lite mode works, but Google promised to publish a whitepaper with more information in the near future.

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