Wall Street Market on the Dark Web: 14.2 million left

Wall Street Market administrators a drug-market at Dark Web are reportedly scamming it by taking 14,2 with them with millions of dollars out of the money of site users.

The stolen money belonged to drug traffickers, weapons and malicious programs, so many will not cry for the deceived "victims".Wall Street Market

With the Wall Street Market fraud, the T-chka Market drug market is reported to be the only significant analogue market in Dark Web.

The Wall Street Market fraud (WSM) began last week when site administrators began to move funds from the main Bitcoin market wallets to another location.

The managers used these wallets as an escrow system, where buyers deposited funds, which sellers could get later after a period of time if there were no complaints from buyers.

But last week, WSM administrators cited problems with the server hosting these wallets. As they said they could not be synchronized with the main blockchain of Bitcoin, making any transaction or withdrawal impossible.

So the managers moved the existing funds into a new wallet that had no connection to WSM's main back-end so sellers could not receive payments from previous sales. WSM administrators reported it was a temporary measure to repair the buggy server.

Of course, many were the ones who hit it, while the managers are still running. The logic of these managers can be considered a very smart tactic for this kind of web site where we have seen from time to time that they are trapped by the authorities.

So the "withdrawal" of all money before an attack by the authorities should be expected…


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