The hidden Canary Game

Google is jolly, and when it's funny the company is beginning to hide features that are surprising to its users. Its new version Chrome Canary, contains a hidden game, which you can play when you are not connected to the media. chrome canary 1

It contains the well-known dinosaur T-Rex but not in the static pose we all know. The game as mentioned above is only accessible when ς σας ανιχνεύει ότι είστε εκτός σύνδεσης, και είναι εντελώς κρυμμένο εκτός αν ξέρετε πού να κοιτάξετε.


So if you have the new version of Chrome , βγείτε (don't be afraid it won't hurt) open the browser and wait for the dinosaur to appear. Press the spacebar, and the cute T-Rex will jump. The landscape around him will grow to the right, and he will be able to jump to avoid obstacles.

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