Chrome: Google started supporting quantum encryption keys

“Teams across Google are working hard to prepare the web for the transition to quantum-resistant cryptography,” he says Chrome Security Technical Program Manager Devon O'Brien.

cryptography key

"Continuing with our strategy for handling this major transition, we are updating technical standards, testing and developing new algorithms resistant to quantum computing, and working with the wider ecosystem to ensure this effort is successful."

So Chrome will start supporting it X25519Kyber768 for generating symmetric secrets in TLS, starting with Chrome 116 and already available behind a flag in Chrome 115. This hybrid mechanism combines the output of two cryptographic algorithms to generate a session key used to encrypt the bulk of a TLS connection:

"The X25519 — is an elliptic curve algorithm widely used for key agreement in TLS today
The Kyber-768 — is a quantum key encapsulation method and the NIST PQC winner for general encryption.

To detect ecosystem incompatibilities with this change, we're making it available to Chrome and Google servers over TCP and QUIC and monitoring for potential compatibility issues. Chrome can also use this updated key agreement to connect to third-party server operators, such as Cloudflare, as they will support it. If you are a developer or administrator experiencing an issue that you believe is caused by this change, submit the error. "

Rebecca Krauthamer, co-founder and chief product officer at QuSecure, Reported to The Register in an email that while this technology sounds futuristic, it is useful and necessary today…
"For the arrival of capable quantum computers we should not expect a specific, looming date, but something that will come without warning."

“There was no press release when the team at Bletchley Park broke it Enigma". The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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