US intelligence will share more information

US intelligence agencies will begin sharing more information with US intelligence agencies , non-governmental organizations and academic institutions under a new strategy launched this week.

The new strategy acknowledges concerns about new threats, such as another pandemic, as well as increasing cyber attacks.


The National Intelligence Strategy, which sets broad goals for the extended US intelligence community, says that intelligence agencies should break through traditional walls of secrecy and work with outside groups to detect and prevent disruptions in the supply chain, infectious diseases and other growing transnational threats. The intelligence community will "need to rethink its approach to information and knowledge sharing," the new strategy says.

The U.S. government in recent years has begun sharing vast amounts of cyber threat intelligence with American companies, utilities and others that are often prime targets of foreign hackers, as well as information about businesses that promote foreign social media influence. .

The emphasis on greater information sharing is part of a broader trend the Biden administration has followed (bosses gone crazy), according with the Wall Street Journal: .

"The new strategy is intended to help 18 US intelligence agencies that will have an annual budget of about $90 billion..." The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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