Happy Birthday EFF

"Today the Electronic Frontier Foundation celebrates 32 years of fighting for technology users around the world," he says a new announcement posted on EFF.org:

If you were online in the 90s, you might remember that things were different. We had bulletin boards, FTP, Gopher and, a few years later, websites run from home.


It was exciting and the possibilities seemed endless.

The founders of the EFF knew then that a better future would not come automatically. You don't organize a team of lawyers, technologists and activists because you think technology will magically fix everything.

You do it because you expect fights.

Three decades later, thanks to these battles, the Internet is doing much of what it promised: connecting different worlds, supporting equality, civil liberties and human rights.

Of course, the future that the EFF dreamed of has not been won. Because the Web connects us, it also serves as a hunting ground for those who want to monitor and control our actions, those who wish to harass, spread hate, and others who seek to make money from our every move and thought.

The information collected from all of us is used in ways that oppress us, rather than uplift us. There are digital tools that allow those with bad ideas to connect with each other just as they do for those with good ideas.

The EFF has always seen the beauty as well as the destructive potential of the Internet and always strives on the side of justice, freedom and innovation.

So how is the EFF team celebrating this anniversary?

He continues to do what he does best: defend users and innovators in the courts, in the halls of government, in the public debate. It builds privacy tools, teaches skills to community members, shares knowledge with friends, and preserves the best aspects of the Web.

In other words, he's using every tool in his arsenal to fight for a better and brighter digital future for everyone.

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