The CIA behind UFO appearances in the 50s - 60s

Like most sites, another organization was added this year to those who make the best 2014 lists. That's the way CIA who created this June account twitter, published a list of the most popular 2014.

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As one of their most successful tweets seems to lead to a thrilling discovery: What the Americans thought about UFOs in the 50 and 60s were actually U-2 spy planes that spied the Soviet Bloc countries.UFO CIA

The CIA has already published a 272 page form titled "The CIA and the U-2 1954-1974 program"According to the document, the CIA was flying planes above the Soviet Union at altitudes above 60.000 feet.

At the same time most flights were flying between 10.000 and 20.000 feet and even military flights were flying to 40.000 feet. Most believed that airplanes could not even reach such heights - and that's how the reports of UFOs and flying discs began.U2-SPY-PLANE

Although the CIA had informed the responsible bodies of this secret program, it never informed the public.

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