New Shelby 427 Cobra for 50 years

Η Shelby American it was probably not satisfied with just one celebration of 50 anniversary for the legendary Cobra. The celebration of the half a century it was Three years ago, but the Shelby just released another special edition of Cobra, the 427 Cobra.shelby-cobra

On sale starting Tuesday January 13th at 11am MST, 10am PST

The 427 Cobra, is Undoubtedly the "worst" the company has built and will sold just 50 cars around the world starting from 13 January of 2015.

The Shelby Cobra it seems to have come out of a capsule of time from 1965.

Chassis from glossy aluminum and below, η 50i anniversary 427 Cobra που is mechanically similar with the original, with some concessions for modernity materials and components, such as brakes of 21 century.

The model for 50 or anniversary starts from 119.995 dollars with chassis fiberglass and 179.995 dollars version aluminum.

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