Cloudflare: free DNS to HTTPS from the company

Cloudflare announced today her first εξυπηρέτησης καταναλωτών, το οποίο στοχεύει σε μια πιο ιδιωτική και περιήγηση στο δια.

The company has created a new public DNS service, which is supposed to protect users from tracking on the web, while accelerating their online experience.

And no, it's not a simple joke.cloudflare

DNS resolution services provide computers with the IP addresses they need to access servers () using their domains. In other words, it is what converts the domain into the necessary information (IP) to show you the website.

Because DNS is essentially a roadmap for any computer-to-server connections, we can learn a lot about a user's behavior from information leaked through DNS. This is one of the reasons why Cloudflare chose to make the new service available, according to co-founder and CEO Prince.

Cloudflare supports DNS over HTTPS (DNS over HTTPS), an approach that will make us safer.

"We've come to the conclusion that the only way is to run a trusted DNS service, other than a content-serving department, and as a consumer service," Prince said.

On the privacy side, Prince said the company will delete all logs of the service and will not hold any of the IP addresses of those who have access to the service.

Users who are interested in trying the new service can click in to find the necessary DNS setup instructions according to system they use.


Decimal: 16843009
ASN: 13335
Organization: APNIC Pty The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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