Cosmote Hackathon Run the code for the future

New COSMOTE HACKATHON 1 COSMOTE searches for new ideas that will improve our life in the new digital age. Registration is made exclusively through until April 14.Cosmote Hackathon

The 1o COSMOTE HACKATHON it is addressed to people who specialize in programming, design, communication, and / or entrepreneurship. Utilizing all the new technologies available, participants are invited to present a comprehensive, user-friendly, technology-based model for communication in the new digital age.

"In our country there are many people with talent, knowledge and love for it . They generate great ideas every day. Most of them, no one learns them. With the innovation competition marathon COSMOTE HACKATHON, we want to give them the opportunity to share their ideas for the future with people who really want to hear them, and why not, take advantage of them. Because at COSMOTE we believe that we can create a better world for everyone with technology and innovation ", said the Chief Officer of Operations & Information Systems of OTE Group, Mr. George Athanasopoulos.Cosmote Hackathon

Ο is carried out in collaboration with Finance of Athens and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Support Center (ACEin).

Those interested can register individually or as a group of 2-5 people. The applications will be evaluated by a special committee, consisting of COSMOTE executives and academics, which will select the participants in the second phase. After the second round of evaluation, the participants who will take part, in groups, in the final phase of COSMOTE HACKATHON, on May 13 & 14, at OTE Academyy, will be selected.

In the framework of the two-day innovation festival, participants will be invited to work for 24 hours in a specially designed space to complete and submit their proposal. Specialized mentors from the business and academic community will be there to support teams, offering practical advice and guidance.

A special committee will highlight three winning teams. The 1st team will receive a cash prize of €5.000, the 2nd team will win prizes of advanced from GERMANOS stores and the 3rd group GERMANOS gift vouchers. Regardless of the committee's selections, a team will be selected by the Athens University of Economics and Business to attend a comprehensive six-month course of personalized consulting services and mentoring at the OPA's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Support Center. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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