CrackerJack: Web GUI for Hashcat in Python

The is a Web GUI for the Hashcat developed in Python.



This project aims to keep the GUI and Hashcat independent. In short, see how it works:

  • The user uploads hashes with wordlist / rules / mask etc. and clicks on "start".
  • Ο opens a new one screen.
    • Creates the hashcat command with settings.
    • Executes the command on the screen.
    • Monitors the results, analyzes them and displays them in the GUI.


  • Minimal dependencies
  • Full session hashcat management.
    • Start / stop / pause / sessions running.
    • Stop cracking after a certain date / time.
  • Web interface for mask
  • Push Web notifications when password is cracked.
  • Swagger 2.0 API.
  • Create word lists from already cracked of access.
  • Session history for of που έχετε ήδη εκτελέσει.
  • Multi-user support (local and / or LDAP).
  • Wordlist / Mask / Rules list support.
  • Multi-theme support ( Bootswatch ).
  • Straight-forward adjustment.
    • The entire configuration is done through the GUI. No need to edit config files manually.
    • Run locally on Linux and Windows (WSL).
    • Install on a server using ansible scripts ( 14/16/18 and CentOS 7/8).
    • Easy backup - all user data is in the directory ./data .
  • Session troubleshooting via SSH.

Application snapshots


Information on installing and using the program, you will find here. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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